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April, 2016 | NPR Treatment | Anxiety and Panic Relief
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Free anxiety treatment

Posted by on Apr 28, 2016 in Blog Posts | Comments Off on Free anxiety treatment

On the subject of free treatment This blog post is the first in a long time, as many of you will have noticed. There are a few reasons for this but they’re not so important. I’ve spent many years working with people who suffer from Anxiety and Panic in its various forms with its various labels and I continue to do that in the third sector as an individual and group therapist. A couple of years ago I became a bit disillusioned with the concept of online self help. Not because I don’t think it can be amazing, but because I was encountering some individuals in the field of self help who were so far away from their public personas that I wanted to distance myself from it all, and them. In doing so I experienced the space to continue to practise, but felt somehow that I wasn’t really ‘there’ for the people who were purchasing the online process in the way I would ideally like to have been. The state of anxiety is such a stressful and isolating one, and I know having something or someone to hang on to can make the most enormous difference, but being that person, and being in that role is something I’m only comfortable with in a low key way. I cringe at self-promotion, I smirk and snicker at gurus with the best of them, and frankly being an online ‘expert’ is just not for me. I’ve spent time thinking about how to reconcile myself to providing a valid service, making a living at something I’ve spent many years and many pounds becoming as informed and educated as I can about, and offering what I think is everyone’s basic entitlement to information about what generates GOOD mental health. I’ve never shied away from saying that I feel that the mental health treatments offered by the NHS and indeed many private practitioners as being impoverished, not through intention, people really care, but waiting lists, generalist approaches and diagnostic notes on medical files are just the tip of the iceberg, not to mention unwanted meds and side effects. I know that this is controversial and I don’t want to fight with anyone or be a radical campaigner, I just have experienced many clients having had their mental health blips (that we all have at some point in life) turned into an illness, ailment, pathology, often they experience losing them their autonomy, choice, rights to employment at times and stigmatisation (despite equality laws being implemented). All this has led to the realisation that I prefer to work at the coal face, with people who find their way to me somehow, some way, usually by word of mouth. My solution to my discomfort about ‘peddling another self help treatment’ is to do what I’ve always wanted to do, and that is, set it free. Give it to those who need it, and let it go. I hope those of you who use the process benefit from it as I have and as my clients have, and most of all, I hope you take your life back, reclaim the workings of your own mind/brain/body, and thrive like mad on this crazy, lovely, frustrating, perfect planet. In the words of my mindfulness tutor Choden, we are all a mess, a compassionate mess is the best we can aim for, and that from a man who chose a monastic life for many years is not bad advice from where I’m sitting. Let yourself be a compassionate mess and the rest will take care of itself. Lots of love Gill...

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