“With a simple understanding of the mind, we can alter what happens to us, physically, chemically, emotionally and behaviourally, without ever having to take a pill.”
Gill Batty – Founder of Neuro-Psychological Reprogramming.

There are many approaches to anxiety available, and I take the view that different things work for different people. No one size fits all.  The feedback that I get from my clients however, is that there is something different about the NPR approach.  People tell me that they find what has previously missing when they use this method.

For me, the difference that makes the difference is that I share absolutely everything I know about anxiety with you. When you use the NPR approach, you will fully understand what anxiety is, how it functions physiologically and psychologically, and you will be given specific and detailed instructions on how to exchange your anxious state for a calm and peaceful one. I don’t ask you to do anything, without explaining how and why it works. My clients tell me they really appreciate that, as it gives them the power to recover without being dependent on other people.

I hope you enjoy the friendly little video below. I’m sure many of you will recognise some if not all of the experiences it depicts. There is information further down the page about who we work with and how. Best Wishes.  Gill.


‘Using Neuro Psychological Reprogramming couldn’t be simpler — simple is best.’

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We don’t just successfully treat anxiety, we also teach you how the mind and body work together to create states of calmness, confidence and well being.

We work alongside the NHS, helping people to maintain good mental health. 

We run Seminars, Workshops and Training, both for anxiety sufferers, counsellors and therapists. 

We provide anxiety treatment workshops and individual sessions to third sector organisations and their service users, working with and alongside their existing counselling services.

The specific combination of – Psychoeducation, NLP, Mindfulness, Cognitive Neuroscience and Behavioural Therapy brings about fantastic results, no matter how long you have suffered, or how severely anxious you were.

  • You can download the ebook and the audios and get going on your own. Many people do and find that to be all they need.
  • You can alternatively, download the ebook and the audio, and also book a skype appointment, so that you can ask all the questions that you need to, and be guided personally through the process so that you understand it fully.
  • You can book an appointment to have a one to one session, by contacting us directly via the contacts page at the top of the home page. Currently appointments are available in the UK only.
  • If you are unable to travel for a one to one session, you could go ahead and book a Skype appointment using the online booking system. Many people find this a very convenient way to get started with their recovery, as it requires no leaving of the comfort zone.
  • You can also phone and speak to someone friendly and helpful to find out more.

We are passionate about the treatment of anxiety and panic. We love what we do. We share all of our knowledge with you in a way that is easy and straightforward to understand.

We don’t use Jargon. We point to our heads to explain things about the brain, we tell stories to make things easier to understand, especially when we are working with children.

We draw pictures and best of all, we make it simple to recover from anxiety. We know how it feels to be anxious and panicky, and we care deeply about helping you get your life back.

If you feel too nervous to make an appointment, you can always email and ask a few questions until you are ready to talk to someone in real time. We know even good things feel daunting when we are anxious.


Gill Batty – Creator PS, Peace and calm is your natural state. Sometimes the brain just needs to be reminded how to get back there. Disclaimer