Different Vehicles to the Same Destination

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Different Vehicles to the Same Destination

This weekend I attended a course which was presented by Michael Neill and Ali Campbell in Glasgow.  I trained in NLP with Michael many years ago and have followed his blog posts ever since.  I recently read his new book, ‘The Inside Out Revolution’ and found some striking similarities in our approach to showing people how to return to their own natural state of equilibrium, effortlessly.

The premise of the NPR process is very much based upon the principle that no one is broken.  You may be experiencing the anxious state, but not because there is anything wrong with you, or that you are mentally ill, but because once the state is created, the way to un-create it feels counter-intuitive.  The NPR process uses a psycho-educational approach firstly to demystify the anxious state, so that you have a full understanding of your own mind/nervous system interaction.  (understanding this is much simpler than you might think). I believe that this is important.  Knowing how your mind and body create your experience of life allows you to live life on your own terms, with the ability to return to peace whenever you choose, in a simple, effortless manner.  The educational aspect then moves into an experiential approach, where you learn to understand that you are not your thoughts, your thoughts are the activity of the mind, representing your experience of your world back to you for reference.  You also learn how to reconnect with yourself at the sensory level, allowing the natural homeostatic (balancing) mechanism to generate a peaceful calm state, what I call your ‘natural’ state to return.

In the three principles that Michael talks about in his book, conversation is used to allow the concepts of ‘mind’ ‘consciousness’ and ‘thought’, to gently and naturally shift perspective, allowing the individual to return to a state of ‘innate wellbeing’.  I found it interesting that Michael has moved away from his roots as an NLP practitioner because he has discovered a simpler truth.  This mirrored my own experience, as although the NPR process would not have come about without my having trained in NLP, it is very much ‘not NLP’.  The principles of NLP allowed me to elicit the processes that people used to create the anxious state in the early days of my own return to peace, but it wasn’t NLP techniques and tools that took me there.  I am grateful for the foundations that it gave me in understanding the structure of our internal communication processes, but from there, the psychology, the counselling, the hypnotherapy, the mindfulness, were just a platform to spring from into developing the unique approach that is NPR.  When you are happy to be anxious, you are happy.  When you are happy to be sad, you are happy.  When you are happy to be happy, you don’t cling to it like it’s about to disappear, you are just happy to be whatever you are in whatever moment you are in.

Returning to a calm state is a simple, natural process.  I would recommend Michaels Book as it is entirely compatible with the NPR process, which can’t be said for many other approaches.

Enjoy the return to you.

With Love.

Gill. :-)